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Quotes I have to say, Lisa Angel Miller and Danielle James know how to throw a party. You laugh, you cry, you spit coffee (or whatever) but you never have a dull moment Quotes
Viginia McKevitt, Author

Quotes I have been to several parties that Lisa Angel Miller and Danielle James have had. It's probably the most fun of any of the parties I have attended. The party always has a steady stream of games, it's always funny as in tears running, funny and never boring. I always have a good time at one of there events. I've been to parties that seem to drag out and they only ask questions about their own book. Well if you haven't read them yet you're out in the cold. Lisa and Danielle ALWAYS add their personal touch to party gifts and if I win I always get my prize quickly. You cant go wrong with using any of the services they offer.... Quotes
Jerri Mooring

Quotes Working with Danielle and Lisa, from The Author Project for my release party for Cold-Blooded Beautiful was most fun I had promoting any book I have ever written. I know of few individuals more hard working, reliable, entertaining, talented, and committed about the books and authors they help promote. The girls not only came up with the great game ideas, but they also co-hosted the event. My attendees were talking about it for weeks after and it got a buzz going about the story and helped spread the word to readers who may have not heard of me before. I couldn't have asked for a better release party! I?ll be using The Author Project for every release in the future! If you are an author with a new book releasing soon, you NEED to use the girls at The Author Project! PLEASE tell Lisa to look over it, she always catches my mistakes. If it wasn't for her I would have really f*cked up Cold-Blooded Beautiful in the epilogue! Quotes
Christine Zolendz
What a party!