The Author Project


About Us:

We are dedicated to assisting self-published authors in every aspect of the Independent publishing industry.  We offer services for every facet of publishing from reviewing and critiquing to full publishing.  We pride ourselves on providing honest, in detail support and services at a reasonable price. As an indie author, you keep all rights to your work and are involved in every step of the process.



Reviews:  Reviews are the lifeblood of the Indie Author.  Here at the Author Project, we fully support Indies in any way we can. We believe that no one should ever have to pay for a review.  We would be happy to read and review your book and post it (upon request) on its Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads pages.  Because reviews are free, we do them on a first come, first serve basis and we do not guarantee a timeline. 

Critique:  A critique is an in-depth overview of your manuscript.  Our team consists of editors, authors, and readers.  We will read it and share our thoughts with you about it.  We will point out your strong points and the places where you could use some improvements.  We pride ourselves on being honest so be prepared to get what you asked for.  Cost: $50

Formatting:  Preparing your books for upload to a publishing platform can be a frustrating, time-consuming experience.  Every platform has different formatting guidelines.  What works for Smashwords may not work for Nookpress.  We will format your manuscript to specifications in each platform you choose.  For ebook platforms and for paperback platforms, we will send you a completed file that is titled specifically for each that you choose.  For paperback platforms we will format your manuscript so that it becomes a beautiful paperback book.  Createspace is a very popular platform that is owned by Amazon that we use.  Pricing is dependent on the length of your manuscript and how many files you will need.

Price guide: 

Formatting for one ebook platform only: $25

Add an additional $10 for each additional platform.

Example: Formatting for Kindle only would be $25. If you added Smashwords as well, the cost would be $35.


Formatting for Createspace paperback: $50

We do not design cover images, but we have several third party affiliates that do.  We will find you a high resolution, beautiful cover that fits your needs.  Prices will vary due to variance in the market.  We will discuss this option with you at your request.



Release Parties:  Congratulations!  Now that your manuscript has been poked, polished and formatted, it’s time to let the world know about it!  There is no question that social networking is a huge way to advertise.  We offer online release parties on Facebook to tell the world about your new book when it is available.  This service is especially great for Indie authors.  We set up a time, plan all events and contests, and all you have to do is show up and invite all your friends.  We love to party and after all your hard work, you deserve to celebrate!  Price for this service is $50 for the first two hours and then $10 per hour after that.  Contact us for booking and more details!



Editing: Editing and revising can be the hardest part of publishing.  Who can you trust? And who can afford to pay those outrageous prices!  Here at the Author Project, we take editing very seriously.  We want you to succeed!  Our prices for editing are not listed here because we do not keep a set price.  We will tailor an editing package for you based on your independent needs. We will provide a sample edit for you upon request.  Contact us for more details. 


Publishing:  We will take your edited and formatted manuscript, (whether we have done these services for you or not) and create user accounts for you on any platform you choose.  We will then upload and complete the process for you, leaving you to reap the rewards!  If you choose this service, upon payment, you will be given exclusive access to these accounts and we will no longer be able to access them. Price for this service is $150




Publishing Management:  We will not only upload your manuscript and any cover designs, but we will also act as your publisher.  We will keep track of your sales and send you monthly sales reports.  We will pay your royalties to you as they are acquired. (please see royalty payments section)  Because this is an ongoing service, there is a 5% fee incurred with each payment.  The price for this service is $200, plus 5% of each royalty payment, to cover record keeping services.


 Marketing:  We haven't gotten this service up and running yet, but hopefully it will be soon!



We ask that all services are paid in advance via PayPal.